Prof James Wesley Scott



Research interests

  • border studies
  • geopolitics
  • cross-border cooperation
  • trans­boundary regionalism in Europe and North America
  • urban and regional development policy

Selected projects

Selected publications



Book chapters

  • Scott J. W., 2015, Bordering, Border Politics and Cross-Border Coooperation in Europe [in:] Celata F., Coletti R. (ed.) Neighbourhood Policy and the Construction of the European, External Borders. SPRINGER. GeoJournal Library 115, 27-44.
  • Scott J. W., 2014, From Europhoria to Crisis. Cross-Border Cooperation, Euroregions and Cohesion [in:] Dominguez L., Pires I. (Eds), Cross-Border Cooperation Structures in Europe. Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future, Peter Lang, Basel, 81-94.
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