Dr Joanna Stępień


Assistant Professor

Research interests

  • spatial and social determinants of health in urban areas
    the role of greenery in the modern city
  • natural areas as an important part of public space in cities
  • quality of life in urban areas
  • development of metropolitan areas
  • strategic management of regional and local development
  • evaluation of public policy


Selected publications


Book chapters

  • Sokołowski, J., Zelewski, D., Stępień, J., Lewandowski, P., 2021. Energy poverty between energy paradigms in Poland. [w:] G. Jiglau, A. Sinea, U. Dubois, & P. Biermann, G. Jiglau, A. Sinea, U. Dubois, P. Biermann (Red.), Perspectives on energy poverty in post-communist Europe, ss. 139–152. [EN]
  • Stępień J., 2015. Impact of Demographic Change on City Development in Poland [w:] Young Leaders Program, School of Local Governance, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Tokyo. [EN]


  • Stępień J., Michalski T., Grabowski J., Waszak P., Grabkowska M., Macul A., Rojek J.J., 2021. Social response and spatial mobility change due to COVID-19 pandemic in Poland. Geographia Polonica, vol. 94, iss.3, 381-396. [EN]
  • Grabowski, J., Stępień, J., Waszak, P., Michalski, T., Meloni, R., Grabkowska, M., Macul, A., Rojek, J., Lorettu, L., Sagan, I., Bidzan, L., 2021. Social isolation during COVID-19 pandemic. Perceived stress and containment measures compliance among Polish and Italian residents. Frontiers in Psychology12, 1–9. [EN]
  • Masik, G., Stępień, J., 2021. Smart local governance: the case of the Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Metropolitan Area in Poland. Journal of Urban Technology, (online first), 1–19. [EN]
  • Michalski, T., Stępień, J., 2021. Ageing in European post-communist countries – is it a threat to the welfare system? Environmental & Socio-economic Studies9(2), 63–71. [EN]
  • Stępień J., 2018. Urban green space as a tool for cohesive and healthy urban community [in:] T. Zielinski, I. Sagan, W. Surosz (eds), Interdisciplinary Approaches for Sustainable Development Goals. GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences. Springer, Cham. [EN]
  • Stępień J., 2014. Spatial and social determinants of women health prevention. The example of Gdynia [in:] Social development factors of coastal regions, Regiony Nadmorskie 22, Wioletta Szymańska (ed.), University of Gdansk, Gdansk. [PL]
  • Stępień J., 2013, Spatial and social barriers to women’s health prevention in Gdynia, [in:] Contemporary issues, problems and challenges in geographical researches, ed. by Michał Pilarski, Tomasz Wiskulski, University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, vol. 2, 55-62. [PL]
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  • Stępień J., 2009, Health behaviors and the availability of medical care in the urban space. Example of Gdynia,[in:] Basic and applied researches in geographical sciences, ed. by Leszek Kasprzak, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, 221-227. [PL]
  • Stępień J., 2008, Medical services in cardiology clinics towards social structure of population, Yearbook of Gdynia 20, Gdynia, 80-99. [PL]

Applied works and projects