Panorama of Participation in European Cities – stories of 11 innovations in co-management

The results of the first part of a comprehensive analysis of the case studies investigated in the framework of Work Package 3, coordinated by our team, have been published on the EUARENAS website (Results > Case Studies). The review of 11 participatory and deliberative processes that have been taking place in the 10 European cities we selected provides an insight into the different approaches to implementing governance, a model of city co-management involving multiple urban actors, as well as the kaleidoscope of outcomes that can be achieved.

Each of the cases we analysed is described taking into account the following dimensions and issues: the local contexts, the circumstances of the implementation of the process in question, its mechanism, the actors involved, as well as the main successes and failures. The descriptions are accompanied by the accounts of the participants of these processes, collected during the Citizen Experience workshops held in the case-study cities last year. We conducted them using an innovative research method called Community Reporting, which involves collecting, curating and mobilising the stories of local community representatives about their own personal and subjective experiences, developed by our partner in the EUARENAS project, People’s Voice Media.

Our map featuring stories of innovative participatory and deliberative processes in European urban arenas was created in collaboration with partners across the EUARENAS consortium, while the final result owes in particular to Trang Nguyen from the University of Eastern Finland and Sarah Henderson from People’s Voice Media. We invite you to explore!